Gelatin, "Weltwunder"

In Between / Expo 2000

Photo: Roman Mensing /

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If you want to see the "wonder of the world" of the artist group Gelatin at the EXPO, you must be able to dive - since the work of art is located in the Earth Garden, three metres below the surface, and can only be reached via a tube which is filled with water.
Their name, "Weltwunder" ("Wonder of theWorld"), alludes to the urge of many world expositions to presenttechnological peak achievements.This is contrasted by the imperfection of the work of art by Wolfgang Gantner, Ali Janka, Florian Reither and Tobias Urban, which is hidden in a secluded place. Most people will only know the "wonder of the world" by hearsay. It thus shares the fate of the seven won ders of the world from the ancient world, which are only known from tales, too - except for the pyramids of Gizeh.